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SW: Database Top 100

The official Star Wars website has posted their list of the Top 100 most popular database entries of 2007, with occassional snarky comments like:

Banks in our universe spend a lot trying to convince us that they care. In Star Wars, they can bombard your planet from orbit.


A skilled Jedi warrior, she rivals Smurfette as a blue beauty most fantasized about.


From fan organization to official place in Star Wars canon, there's almost nothing [they] can't do. Like defeat #40.


She's had a rough year. We'll just leave it at that for the four of you who still don't know.

and also

A strong-willed and idealistic politician and a crack shot, too bad she's also the galaxy's biggest enabler.

as well as my favorite

If you're ever pursued by the faceless ranks of the Empire, press yourself flat against the side of a barn. You should be fine.

Check out the entire list to see the order and which comment matches which entry.
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Hahaha, that was terrific fun. Ironically, I always had a huge fangirl crush on Pash Cracken when the X-wing books were at their height of popularity. And frustrated he wasn't more of a presence. LOL (I think I kind of had a crush on the A-wing too, so that probably explains it - LOL)

I think I may be one of the "four" on the MJ entry. The only tabs I've kept on the EU has been comments some of my friends have dropped here and there. My interest sort of instantaneously disappered close to the end of the fourth year of the NJO. That was right about the time my dad started buying whole seasons of Stargate.... LOL