Recasting the Classics

Over a year ago I theorized on the possibility that if Bringing Up Baby was remade, I would cast Keira Knightley in the Katherine Hepburn role and Josh Hartnett in the Cary Grant role.

Earlier this month, the Spokane PBS station inspired me to visualize the possibilities of recasting a classic movie, again, this time the movie in question is The Seven Year Itch, the film most famous for Marilyn Monroe's billowing skirt. It's not easy coming up with a good replacement for Marilyn, but darn it if Scarlett Johansson's name just popped to the top of the list as soon as I thought about it! The other name that quickly shot to the top of the list was Seth Green in the role of Richard Sherwin, the hapless pulp-publisher feeling the itch while his wife is away for the summer. But then Matthew Lillard's name came to mind and while I figured Green would have been funny, Lillard would be more convincing as a man trying to stay away from temptation even though it just moved into the apartment upstairs.

Another classic that came to mind (albeit slightly more modern) was Romancing the Stone. Can you see Sarah Michelle Gellar replacing Kathleen Turner's hopeless romance novelist Joan Wilder and Heath Ledger as Michael Douglas' reckless solder of fortune Jack T. Colton as well as I can? And now that I think of it, Seth Green would be perfect as the potty-mouthed treasure hunter Ralph, originally played by Danny DeVito.
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Scarlett Johansson is definitely one of my favorite actresses, as is Keira Knightley. I have actually seen Bringing Up Baby and I approve of your casting. :)