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The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I just watched it on Yahoo and I was quite impressed. However I think Summer Glau is being typcasted.

Not that I'm complaining.
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Don't think she's complaining, either - she once noted that she really enjoys being active in the sci-fi genre. The one thing that disappoints me is how many people see only the weapon in River instead of the girl, which is the only typecasting I can see coming of the SCCs.
It's a special sneak preview only available at Yahoo. Althought the broadcast quality isn't as good as I would like, it is still 47 minutes of uninterrupted excitement.

(Spoilers in this comment)

There was also a copy leaked just before Christmas which I managed to snag. I too really enjoyed the pilot. And I don't see how Cameron and River are in any way alike beyond their ability to wack people real good. And the whole nekkid-in-the-pilot thing. *scratches head in amusement* But as I said to Seb, I think it's actually quite ironic - she goes from a character with too much emotion to go around to a character with none. I love it when Sarah told her to go to hell and she just kind of blinked and cocked her head a little. LOL

But yeah. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was definitely interested enough to keep going. Also, Bear McCreary's doing the music which I have to spread the news to everyone who doesn't fully appreciate the awesomeness of that fact.

Though... you're a Eureka fan. You might already know. lol

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I was not aware of that fact. I don't pay close attention to the composers for TV music. I was very happy that the music for SCC was just like the sounds originally composed by Brad Fidel for the original Terminator movies.

And what about the name "Cameron"? I was somewhat surprised that when attendance was taken that her last name wasn't "James." :p