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Poll Follow-Ups

I finally broke the tie in the "Oh Deer" poll and picked the gay icon, Rudolph.

The story behind the "Fries with that?" poll isn't as tramatic as it may sound. I was at a Taco Bell drive-thru and said "I'll have a soft taco, a side of nachos, and a regular Pepsi."

The response was: "What size do you want: small, medium or large?"

Rolling my eyes and with half a grin, I clearly answered, "medium" thinking that I may have mumbled when I said "regular."

Much to my surprise, the response to my "Medium" was "Small, medium, or large?"

Slightly miffed, I said "medium" again before finally being answered with the mumbled total of my purchase and "please pull around to the window."

In hindsight, the Taco Bell employee may have thought I was ordering a "regular Pepsi" just to make sure I didn't get a "diet Pepsi." That makes a lot of sense. However repeating "Small, Medium, or Large," is just a lack of awareness on the employee's part. This is backed up by the evidence I saw when I pulled up to the window and was able to count at least SEVEN Taco Bell employees within a ten foot radius! Really, were that many people needed at the window? The Taco Bell drive-thru is pretty fast, typically, but I don't think it is because there are seven people standing at the window with my order! The manager was obviously not in control at that point.
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And those Taco Bell windows are not big. I think one person was handing me my change and one person tried to hand me my food while another tried to hand me my drink (size Medium) at the same time. There were about 3 other people behind them that looked like they were just goofing off and a fourth that seemed to be a bit frazzled. She must have been the manager.
Oh they don't have two separate windows? One for paying, the next one for food pick up?

That is just too many people. What a mess.
Ah yes, too many people rostered on.
On one weekend i had 3 boys at the door 3! I only need one! I made them draw straws & sent one off to do trolly's haha!

I have started getting small sizes in everything because now the small is pretty much a medium anyway.
You can't have too many people getting trollies from the parking lot, or as I like to call them, Cart Cowboys.