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Expanded Atonement and Cloverfield reviews

Okay, here are my somewhat spoiler-ish comments regarding Atonement and Cloverfield.

I wasn’t really impressed. A cigarette commercial wrapped in a predictable plot is what I’d call it. All that smoking has me concerned for Keira’s health! On the plus side I thought that all the actresses that played Briony were extremely good (although that hands-in-the-face, give-me-a-moment part at the beginning of old-Briony’s scene was a bit melo-dramatic), and James McAlvoy wasn’t too bad, either. However I just wasn’t convinced by the romance. I didn’t feel a need to like those characters and cheer for them to get back together. I don’t think the scene by the fountain had the effect it should have on me because it was split into two parts. Call me immature, but in the library scene where Keira said, “Someone’s coming,” I had to chuckle. Wasn’t that the point?

Emma, I agree with your sister, she did look like some sort of spider-monkey during that scene. :p

I was very suspicious of Robbie’s chest wound. It looked pretty nasty and I was wondering why he wasn’t covering it up or having it looked at when they made it to Dunkirk. Poor some alcohol on that wound, don’t drink it! I questioned him being in full health at Keira’s flat when Briony went to see her, so when she admitted at the end that he died at Dunkirk, I wasn’t all that surprised. I really don’t understand why the Hollywood Foreign Press gave it their Best Drama award. I’m almost regretting not seeing Sweeny Todd when it was in town.

I should probably add that I too thought the tea-room scene was really good and full of convincing emotion, but that was it for those two. Even with that, the movie still gets a C- from me. This is a movie that probably could have benefited from being longer, clocking in surprisingly at under two hours!

Regarding Cloverfield... I stayed away from the viral campaign for this monster-horror film, so as not to get spoiled or have my expectations lifted too high. My expectations were marginal at best, but I was still let down. Producer J.J. Abrams and friends created a good concept, the effects were really amazing, the love story, while not all that great (did they ever say why they broke-up in the first place), was, in my opinion, more convincing than the romance in Atonement, and the jiggly-camera work wasn’t as stomach-churning as it could have been, but the ending just fell flat. There might be more viral websites that explain what happened in the end (Did Lily get away? Did they kill the monster?), or maybe there will be more on the DVD (I think the movie was less than 90 minutes long!), I sure hope so.

In a somewhat related matter.... My obsession with Keira is waning, but have you seen the cover of the lastest issue of Entertainment Weekly with James and a wet Keira in that dress?!? It took me awhile to remember how to breathe after first seeing that!
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