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Poll: Quantum of Solace?

The title for the new James Bond movie has been announced, and it is "Quantum of Solace" from the title of a short-story by Bond creator Ian Fleming.

What do you think of the name for the new Jame Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace"?

I love it!
It's okay.
It doesn't matter to me, as long as Daniel Craig take his shirt off!
I don't care.
Who is James Bond?
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(Yes, I know who James Bond is. But I felt that was the best answer for me in spirit because I've never actually seen a Bond film. Almost went to see the last Casino Royale with The Boy but I had to take a raincheck that never got cashed. Silly homework). LOL
LOL, I said "I don't care."
Only Bond film I saw was A View to a Kill. I liked it as a kid but was never inspired to watch any other ones.
I must say though I have liked many Bond movie songs over the years.
It's...different. I love James Bond though, so it should be good regardless. Now I'm interested to see who's doing the opening theme song.
I wasn't a fan of the last song "You Know My Name" by, I think, Chris Cornell, but it has grown on me, especially when you think of it being tied into the fact that Bond doesn't actually say his full name until the very last line of the movie.
Where is that "It's... stupid" option?

Whoops, forgot that one.

I think it can roughly translate to "Time of Comfort", and the plot is basically Bond trying to deal with being betrayed by the woman he fell in love with. Of course I could be totally wrong on that point, too.
Sounds like a dodgy Science fiction novel/film or an episode of Doctor Who.