indy feeling bad

I feel like crap

My nose has been running most of the day (I swear I must have emptied half of my box of kleenex at work), there's a vice with a soft, yet firm grip around my head, and I'm sure that if I had a themometer it would tell me that my temperture is easily above 98.6°.

Worse thing is that I'll probably be feeling better or no worse tomorrow, so I'll still go into work.

Friggin' diseased people who come into work when they're still sick because they can't afford to user their PTO! And their children that make them sick, too!!
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I read an article about that and how it is just better to stay home than get the whole office sick.

Feel better *hugs*
Thanks! I did call in sick today, although I felt better this morning, I've been kinda up and down all day. Nice sunny day to take the day off, too. :)
:) I hope it helped and that you get better.

Sunny, I am jealous. It was raining cats and dogs all day today,