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Upon further review...

Saturday night was movie night at the Anderson household, or whatever you call a household of one, and I finally cracked open the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End my sister gave me for Christmas and watched it and many of the bonus features into the night.

The last time I saw this movie I was sitting in the front row of a theater in downtown Los Angeles. naboopop was to my left and I think either justmady or rachelskywalker was to my right. handmaiden_yane, emmaorgana, and handmaidenande were also there, and our good friend Lt. Piett was manning the starboard side of the row.

In other words, the sw_rhs was there in force.

It isn't much of a secret that I wasn't thrilled with POTC3, but upon further review, I don't despise it as much as I used to. Oh, sure the "Who is on Who's side?" plot-line is still annoying, and Elizabeth's "What should we fight for?" speach still isn't as good as Gibb's line ("The wind is with us, that's all we need!") that follows it, and a handful or so of other things (when the DVD of your movie comes with a FAQ about the ending on the insert, there was something wrong with the ending of your movie), but overall the film wasn't half bad and its grade should be lifted to a C or maybe a C+.

BTW, that FAQ also contained a plot-bunny that bit me, so keep a weather'd-eye out. ;)
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