British Olympic team told to be quiet

British athletes selected for this year's Olympic Games in Beijing will be asked to sign a contract that forbids them from criticizing China's human rights record.

Graham Nathan, spokesman for the British Olympics Association (BOA), told CNN that "British athletes will have to sign a contract promising not to comment on any politically sensitive issues."

And if they complain about the food, then what? If they have an athlete who runs the 100-meters in 9.1 seconds and he refuses to sign, are they going to keep him off the team? It does look like some re-wording is in order.
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gag order for china olympics
this is ridiculous, china is soon a world power who influences all ready our daily lives, so they should be able to cope with some criticism, who does business with chinese knows how implacable they are when it's for their benefit, so any athlete who signs such an order should be ashamed of himself, thinking of the many people who are incarcerated in china's gulags, karl
Re: gag order for china olympics
The main concern isn't the problem with the chinese, it's the problem with the BOA taking the issue of making sure that the Olympics become a non-political event that their athletes can't be on the team unless they promise not to voice their opinions if they feel like it. I'm sure many of the British athletes, and athletes from the US and many other countries, probably aren't intending to make political protests, they just want to win Olympic gold. If there was such a large concern in regard to China's human rights history, I'm sure the Olympic committee wouldn't have chosen them for the forthcoming Games, which are suppose to be a peaceful, non-political athletic competition only.
I remember a news story a while back about the Chinese government wanting to control what can & can't be filmed during the Olympics,
" Only Sports! Not not the beatings! Only the sport!"