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My Fandoms Rule!

We'll start with my comments a couple of posts back that I'm feeling better about my relationship with POTC.

While new episodes of Chuck aren't airing anymore, the season is being replayed every Friday night on Sci-Fi.

Despite missing last week's episode of SCC (and it doesn't look like I missed much), I'm quite please with the twist that appeared in this week's episode. While the stuff at school just seems weird, I like the introduction of Kyle's brother, Derek.

The new Indiana Jones trailer premieres this weekend. I'm going to try to see it when I see Jumper this weekend; it's just an event so big that I have to see it on the big screen first! And Mace Windu gets to give Anakin Skywalker a bit of a beat-down in Jumper, so I can't miss that. :p

And the new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated adventures that were previewed back at C4 last May will premiere in theaters on August 15th!
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