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Editing an old fic

I spent several hours last night into early this morning correcting spelling and grammar errors in a five year-old piece of Star Wars fan fiction called The Young Flames. I wasn't using Word the first time around, so I was quite surprised to discover so many red and green squiggly lines when I opened the file last night. Yikes!

I was also surprised to discover that it totals around 73,000 words!
Wow, that's quite some work to do in the wee morning hours.

What is the fic about?
It is a re-telling of The Phantom Menace with the queen's handmaidens being the central characters. It also serves as a back-story for my first Original Charcter. Go here to view it in its original form.
You're welcome for the link and thank you in advance for reading it, although be fore-warned: you're going to need a lot of time if you decide to read the whole thing.
Oh man, this brings back memories... handmaidens were such a rage at that time! Tee hee hee, it's amazing how bad our spelling perception can be without Bill Gates to help us. Sigh, it seems to me that all the really good fic writers are dying down in the Star Wars arena... but you should let me know if you find any good new handmaiden ones coming out!