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Anybody see New Amsterdam last night?

I thought it was a pretty interesting show with some very intriguing elements. It is the story of a New York City homicide detective who was made immortal 400 years ago for saving an indian woman's life by giving his own. However the immortality has a condition that he will stay immortal until he finds his soul-mate, then he'll start aging like a normal human being. Go here for more information on the show. It is kind of a mix between Highlander and Life.

The Pilot episode will be replayed on Thursday and I think they said a new episode will air on Monday, probably take the slot that SCC was in.

CNN.com has an article on the evolution of the pilot episode, how the character has become more up-beat after some reshoots and other improvements. I'd be interested to compare to two versions.
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I actually watched the first fifteen minutes or so and thought it was pretty good. Slightly annoyed that they had to start off with sex in the first six seconds, but my mind started going on tangents of all the different time periods they can cover in flashbacks with a 400 year stretch of sandbox to play in. In fact, I actually turned it off because I was a little bit sucked in. I'm addicted to too many TV shows as it is. *guilty*
I'm pretty sure that he won't have any one-night stands like that anymore now that he's looking hard for his soul-mate. Oh, and you should have stuck around until the end when the reason why he decides to make a desk to help his friend with his bookie comes to light. It's a pretty clever twist.

There is nothing new out there right now, so getting sucked into this show won't be so bad. At least not until the Fall when they're all back on at once. Yikes!
At least not until the Fall when they're all back on at once. Yikes!

At which point I'll probably be in Chile. LOL

Well, I'll keep a peripheral eye on it, for now. I still need to get caught up with SCC.

I did think that the whole 'you won't get old till X happens' reminded me strongly of the Schmendrick character of The Last Unicorn. If you've never read it, he was a magician whose master recognized as having power so great, rare, and supressed that it would take several lifetimes to figure out how to unlock it, so the master put him under a similar spell. Which makes him this very amazing character: young in appearance, clumsy, old in spirit, kind of beautiful but sad. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was supposed to play him in the movie that seems to have been officially shot down. *disappointed*