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She has that effect on some people

While notifying readers that Natalie Portman is on the cover of Marie Claire UK, one blogger wrote, "I'm too mesmerized by how freaking stunning she is to even read [the interview]. Natalie Portman's beauty has made me illiterate. She's that pretty."

EDIT: Oops in the subject line; it should be "affect" not "effect".
EDIT2: Or not.
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That is a very nice picture of Natalie Portman.

She's channeling a bit of Keira in that pic, IMO...
I picture keira and natalie in some sort of Princess and the Pauper-type comedy where keira is the princess from some eastern-european type country visiting New York City. She gets kidnapped (or she does a Roman Holiday-type manuever) but her handlers don't want the word to get out, so they pull natalie off the street because she looks so much like her. Hillarity ensues as a New York City girl tries to immitated the princess' accent, learns courtly matters, etc., etc.. You know, stuff that Anne Hathaway has perfected. :p

However, Natalie's character is so frustrated by the whole process that she takes it upon herself to run off and find/rescue the real princess.

Hillarity ensues, again.

I'd pay to see that movie. :)
That is a gorgeous picture. May perhaps have to make some icons... Thanks for sharing. :)

Also, a note: Actually, it should be "effect." "Affect" would be the verbal form. ;)
You're welcome; icon away! :)

After carefully studying the entries for both words at dictionary.com, I think I'll change it back to "effect" although it looks like there can be a strong arguement that either form could be used in this case.