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New Amsterdam: Golden Boy

Well last night's episode wasn't a replay of the pilot like I thought it would be, but I'm not complaining. It still did a good job of letting any new viewers (although from what I understand their ratings slipped by quite a bit) know what's going on in the story. You didn't have to see the first episode to understand the second.

My jaw practically knocked a hole in the floor when it was revealed that his buddy, a 65 year-old bartender named Omar, was actually his son! And that his secretary in 1941 was his daughter!! His relationship with his children (which we will probably see more of in the next episode on Monday) will be an interesting aspect of the story. How does he deal with that? How many times did he think that the woman he was with was The One? And was that a Highlander reference when his great-grandson asked if he could survive having his head cut off?.

On the detective-story side of the episode... I wasn't really all that impressed. It seemed like a plot that I've heard before, and now that I think of it, the plot from the pilot-episode seemed a bit familar, too.