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New Amsterdam: Soldier's Heart

Now on its regular day and time, Monday night's New Amsterdam was a little better than the previous episode, mainly with the story involving the Gulf War vet and the murder of a psychiatrist that was trying to help him. Interesting how one guest-character refered to the first Gulf War as "the good Gulf War," although there was a considerable amount of sarcasm when that was said.

You usually see Orlando Jones in comedic roles (although I think he played the band leader in Drumline, which was a little more serious supporting role), but he did a pretty convincing job as a vet suffering from PTSD, although I was initially thinking he was a Vietnam vet, not a Gulf War (II) vet. There were so many shows in the 80s that featured the occassional Vietnam vet that I'm going have to get use to veterans from another era now that we have another long, drawn-out war to harvest characters from.

At least Amsterdam finally got a chance to talk to the doctor and tried to explain what was so special about him... however... I was as shocked as Amsterdam to discover that she was married! Yikes! I wonder if he has broken up marriages before in his attempt to finally "unite his soul" with The One?

In more personal news, my oven is not working, which sucks when you thought you have something cooking in it and don't find out that it's not working until a half hour in! :(

I ordered pizza.

Will have to call the apartment manager tomorrow and have that worked on.
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