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Anybody here read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series? Last November he passed-away without finishing the 12th and final book in the series, but not before letting friends and family know how it all ends, dictating several notes to help someone complete the saga in his final days. Several weeks after Jordan's death, Brandon Sanderson was chosen to be the author to put everything together kinda like a task anyone who has ever written a movie adaptation has done. Sanderson, however, isn't all that bad. He doesn't have a whole lot on the maket, but I just read his second book, Mistborn, and found it to be quite satisfying. It has an Ocean's 11 vibe to it, but instead of trying to knock-over a bunch of casino, Our Heroes are trying to overthrow an emperor.

The book has a lot of what I like: good dialogue. It's not all painful exposition like there could have been. There is a lot of discussions between the characters on how they plan on getting the job done, and it hardly looks easy. When the young heroine starts her training to use her mystical powers, she's not told, "No, you're not ready for that," she's told to go ahead and try it, we're here to catch you if you fall. She's not lectured on how to use her powers, she's taught, not in a school room, but by each member of the crew who are specialist who in each of the metal-themed powers.

The Publishers Weekly review at explains it better:

Sanderson's eerie second fantasy (after 2005's Elantris), set in a mist-haunted, ash-ridden world, pits Kelsier, "the Survivor of Hathsin," against the immortal Lord Ruler's 1,000-year domination of both the Great Houses and their serflike "skaa." Through Allomancy acquired in the Ruler's most hellish prison, Kelsier can "burn" 10 metals internally, fueling superhuman powers he uses to assemble rebels in a loose plan to destroy the nobility, the empire and the Lord Ruler himself. Kelsier uses Vin, a street urchin with the same Mistborn powers Kelsier possesses, to infiltrate the Great Houses' society, where she falls in love with philosopher prince Elend Venture. This mystico-metallurgical fantasy combines Vin's coming-of-age-in-magic and its well-worn theme of revolt against oppression with copious mutilations, a large-scale cast of thieves, cutthroats, conniving nobles and exotic mutants. The fast-paced action scenes temper Vin's interminable ballroom intrigues, while the characters, though not profoundly drawn, have a raw stereotypic appeal. (July)
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The story has a satisfying conclusion despite that it is the first in a planned trilogy. I gave up on the Wheel of Time series a couple of books ago, but I think Sanderson should be able to do a good job of wrapping things up for Jordan's devoted readers.

I'm going to have to admit that last night's episode seemed not only predictable, but a little disappointing. The rape/honor-killing case was the predictable part, and the fact that Sara is separated from her husband, allowing her and John to seal-the-deal so quickly in the relationship was the disappointing part. I honestly don't think the show has much of a chance at the rate it's going. The stories are too uneven, and the lack of a bombshell in this episode after three straight episodes of bombshells left me wanting more.

I download and listen to the Chad Hartman show based out of the Twin Cities on my iPod and listen to it at work the next day. When someone mentioned that it was a nice day with temps in the low 40s I felt a little embarrassed for thinking of the 40° range as annoyingly cold when the current temperature appeared on the Weather Channel the night before. If I don't count the mountains on the western horizon, I haven't seen snow in weeks!

By the way, currently it is 55° under Fair skies with gusting winds from the west/northwest.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go figure out what's for dinner.
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