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Dinner = Fail

So I decided on drive-thru Burger King for dinner. I ordered the #11 with Coke to drink, but wound up getting Diet Coke instead. Fortunately I discovered this before I pulled away, so I handed my drink back asking for Coke instead of Diet. I sipped that one as I pulled away and it took me a second to realize that it was Diet Coke, too! I swear I saw her put my cup under the Coke fountain, so this can't be right. I pulled around into the practically empty parking lot and went in and told them to check their drinks because it looks like they must have the Diet Coke mix hooked up to the Coke instead.

Meanwhile I decided to use the self-serve fountain inside to correct my current beverage selection. Sure enough, that was Diet Coke, too! On the plus side they were moving to correct the problem as I left, but on the minus side I didn't realize I had Diet Coke in my cup until I was back in my car. Here I was thinking I still had some of that Diet Coke aftertaste in my mouth from my previous samplings, but no, the self-serve fountain was crossed-up, too! Ick!

Diet soft-drinks must be outlawed, and they must be outlawed NOW!!!

At this point I decided to just forget it, so I went home, threw out my diet drink and had water with my burger and fries instead.

On the plus side, a regular Coke probably would have kept me up half the night, so maybe it was for the best. Who knows.
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Sounds like a blessing to me but how annoying to keep going back just to get what you want!

I had a similar situation recently. But I noticed at home and had to drive back to fix it.