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Not a chance that Barack Obama is the anti-christ

Glenn Beck scares me some times, he really does, but apparently Liberal Media thinks he's a whole lot scarier than I think he is. Here Beck defends himself against accusations that he believes that Barack Obama is the anti-christ.

Source: olbermannwatch.com after newsbusters.org

I used to think Keith Obermann was pretty good at his job and he could be pretty entertaining at times, but he has become more and more paranoid and obsessed with his competition (O'Reilly, Beck, etc.) than he is at reporting facts in the news. He may think he's a better person than the people he despises (ie. O'Reilly), but in reality he is just the other side of the same coin of media hacks.
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The other night i was watching CNN & it had that Larry King guy interviewing Obama & then bits of his speaches afterwards.
I was thinking to myself, hey this guy reminds me of the Anti-christ characters in those really bad christian movies.
Then i thought there probably are people out there who think hes the anti-christ.
Some people said the same thing aboutBill Clinton and there were probably some people who would have said the same regarding Kennedy and/or FDR, the president who got us out of the Depression and through World War II.