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NA: Keep the Change

Last night's episode was pretty good. I think I was more into how John became sober than of the crime that was being investigated. Although the investigation part was pretty good, and I got a kick out of the discussion regarding Robert Johnson's guitar and Marquez's question about why Johnson presumably sold his soul to the devil.

Marquez: "Immortality?"

Amsterdam: "Immortality? What's that?"

I wasn't sure about the part early in the episode where Sarah discovered a gray-hair on John's head. Was that a dream? He woke-up pretty quickly after that. And to the sight of his dog, too. How disappointing for him.

Regarding John's sobrity, I liked young-Omar's lack of coherent reaction to his father telling him the truth about his nearly 400 years of life. It looked very overwhelmed and definately needed a few moments to think.

We heard a lot of tiny tid-bits about John's past: chasing down John Wilkes Booth, his relationship with Emily Dickenson (it should be a contest to see how many poets that mention in the length of the series; so far I count 3!), even the fact that he has fathered 63 children!! You can't blame Sarah for not believing him.

The question I have for next week is whether the kid mentioned in next week's show is one he has accounted for or not?
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