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Hating on Jar-Jar Haters

Yep, I've finally gone over the edge.

Some ten years after the abuse began (even before the movie came out!!), "people" have been bad-mouthing everyone else's favorite bumbling, but loveable Gungan, Jar-Jar Binks. Even today, when George Lucas talks about animation in regards to the new Clone Wars series, "people" like broadcastingcable.com's Alex Weprin (who likes all of twelve in his byline photo) can't help but take shots at the poor creature.

On working in television (notice how he mentions that if you make a mistake it isn’t the end of the world… a reference to Jar Jar Binks perhaps? Or am I thinking too hard):

Yes, you're thinking too hard, asshole! *pantomimes strangling "reporter"*

So if you share sympathies similar to mine, please add "hating on jar-jar haters" to the Interest section of your Profile. Lets show "them" how many of us there really are!
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LOL. Y'know, at first when TPM came out, Jar-Jar annoyed me. Then I decided that since I love Star Wars, I'd better start liking Jar-Jar. And it really wasn't all that difficult. He's a good soul and he was sorely used by the galaxy.
I always had a respect for Jar-Jar because yes, he was awkward, yes he was a bit of a fool, but you know, it's realistic. There are people like that in our lives, and yes, we still love them. Not everyone in the universe is as cool as Chewbacca.
I've never understood the Jar Jar hate. Hes not my favorite character but I've never found him as annoying/irritating as some people do.
I like the idea. But perhaps you could translate it into something more positive like: "loving jar-jar binks"?
l_n, you're so awesome. Plz tell me you just had that icon on reserve just for this.

And on the subject of JarJar bash, please. He is far from the most annoying character in that series. At least he isn't a teenager with hormonal imbalance. cough cough.
"Loving jar-jar binks" may be a little too much. I like the poor, "pathetic life-form" (we could probably heap a lot of blame on Obi-Wan for that line), but I dislike the senseless hatred of him more. Maybe I'll switch it to something closer to "respecting jar-jar binks." I think that should sound better, what do you think?
I like "respecting jar-jar binks". I'm adding it to my interest list now and I'm spreading the word. :D