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Hating on Jar-Jar Haters

Yep, I've finally gone over the edge.

Some ten years after the abuse began (even before the movie came out!!), "people" have been bad-mouthing everyone else's favorite bumbling, but loveable Gungan, Jar-Jar Binks. Even today, when George Lucas talks about animation in regards to the new Clone Wars series, "people" like's Alex Weprin (who likes all of twelve in his byline photo) can't help but take shots at the poor creature.

On working in television (notice how he mentions that if you make a mistake it isn’t the end of the world… a reference to Jar Jar Binks perhaps? Or am I thinking too hard):

Yes, you're thinking too hard, asshole! *pantomimes strangling "reporter"*

So if you share sympathies similar to mine, please add "hating on jar-jar haters" to the Interest section of your Profile. Lets show "them" how many of us there really are!
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