I've changed my mind

I'm not going to Seattle Saturday. When the weatherman says that traction-tires are recommended (although not necessary) for travel through the Pass, my second-thoughts quickly became my first-thoughts.

Besides, it looks like the weather will be much better next weekend when I go to the game, I might be able to get to the museum before the game (will have to double-check the museum's hours), plus the Louvré display will be in Seattle until the 11th of May, which gives me a couple more weekends (when the weather will more than likely be better) to check it out.

In other words, safety first, there's no rush.

In television-viewing news... this year's Christmas episode ("Voyage of the Damned") of Dr. Who premiered on Sci-Fi tonight, and I kinda liked it. Got a little weird towards the end, but it's Dr. Who so I suppose that's to be expected, right? I'm sure anybody could have played the Kylie Minogue part, but it's a Special episode so you need a big name co-star so why not? (Directive #1 says I have only three questions before the Information Hosts kill me, and that's two down, so I best be careful with what I say next? ;) ) Again, the ending was so-so, but the sap that I am got a little choked-up when The Doctor voiced, "You're not falling, you're flying."

Naturally that last paragraph makes sense only to those of you who have seen the episode, so my apologies to the rest of you. :)

I'm pretty sure I might post again before the weekend is over (The Forbidden Kingdom is in theaters, so I might post a review after I see it), but if not, I hope you all have a great weekend!
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In other words, safety first, there's no rush.
I agree.

When you do see the exhibit let us know what you thought:)

Have a good weekend.
It was a bit of a Poseidon Adventure rip off but still entertaining! Yes, the ending was sad but I LOL at the scene with the Queen and the corgis.

Up to episode 3 of Season 4 now and it had been very good so far!
Yes! The Poseidon Adventure, I was thinking that it was like some upturned-cruise-ship movie, but I just couldn't remember the name.