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Somebody Wingardium Leviosa'd Hermione's dress!

The report is that while leaving a party to celebrate her 18th birthday, Emma Watson got into a car... and the paparazzi did what they do... best? They got pictures of her underwear.

Her see-thru underwear!

Now, I've got nothing against see-thru panties (I'm enough of a gentleman not to detail the incident that won me over to that opinion), but there has got to be some sort of manual or instructional-device given to all young celeb-utantes that opaque panties are required when wearing a dress out in public or else you'll be considered a skank (ie. Paris, Britney, Lindsay, etc.). The agent who said "any publicity is good publicity" was definately lacking in moral character.

Look, I don't mean to call her a skank, but I had hopes that Emma wouldn't be one of those girls. Of course I also thought that Jamie-Lynn Spears would redeem her family-name (she had her own television show on Nickelodeon for Pete & Pete's sake!), but she had to go and get knocked-up! While Miley Cyrus is still only 15, there is some evidence that the Hannah Montana star is on a slippery-slope to skank-ville (although the jury is still out on that matter). Heck, I once thought that Ashlee Simpson was the saner of the Simpson girls. Boy, was I wrong!

On the bright side, there's our girl Hayden Panettiere. Cute-as-a-button Hayden has been seen in public with Miss Hilton, however any compromising pictures have been relatively tame (ie. her panties weren't see-thru). Plus the girl has an arrest-warrant out for trying to stop the fishing/hunting of dolphins in Japan, which automatically makes her one of the Good Girls, right?

I'm not sticking Miss Watson into the "Bad Girls" category (which begs the question, what's the difference between Bad Girls and Bad Boys?), but a seemingly nice young girl like her has got to be more careful. Keep your fingers crossed that this won't happen again.
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I feel like these girls need etiquette classes to learn to keep their legs closed.
Or wear decent length skirts.

How to Get into a Waiting Vehicle Without Revealing Too Much, 101

Well, there's a market, so if you're thinking about starting your own business, there you go!
Soooo... you're saying the undergarments one wears is a symbol of ones moral compass?

No, I'm saying that she should be more careful and more aware when wearing such undergarments. Being a celebrity these days can put you in some rather embarrassing circumstances, especially when being hounded by people who believe that a flash-bulb will light them to the secrets of the world (and then some) comes as part of the job. If Emma Watson, or any other young female celebrity between the ages of 15 and 25 (my definition of a "celeb-utante"), was my sister, I'd be pretty mortified. If she was my daughter, I'd be pretty darn upset, and probably take out my anger on the papparazzi, but behind closed-doors I'd tell my daughter that she has to be more careful. The papparazzi want the revealing shots because they pay more, and the celebrities have to do what they can to make sure the papparazzi doesn't get paid.

Hayden's campaign to save the dolphins is not a get-out-of-jail-free card (it may actually get her in to jail, in reality) from associating with Paris Hilton, but it does shine a kinder, rose-colored light on her as a person. If what had happened to Miss Watson had happened to Miss Panettiere, I'd be disappointed, too.

Society doesn't care if it is an accidental crotch-shot. Sure, they may give you a free pass if it happens one time (as I am giving Emma in this case), but if it happens again....

Regarding the Spears girls.... Most guys hope of meeting a nice girl despite the fact that they lust over the skanky-ho kind. I'm pretty sure that the majority of guys initially projected their opinions of Britney as the nice girl and Christina Aguilera as the skanky girl upon their introduction to the world nearly 10 years ago. If Christina was going to flash her nipple-ring at a photo-shoot, we were okay with that, but if Britney was going to sleep around with some douche-bag back-up dancer, the red-blood American boys of the world wouldn't be too thrilled. Hence the disappointment. I'm willing to bet that her parents were probably thinking the same thing, too:

"Why all the partying and sleeping around, without even a new album of some reasonable quality to draw away all the attention? This is so embarrassing! Is this how I raised my child? At least Jamie-lynn is doing okay."

And Society was thinking something similar! "I'm not thrilled with Britney's behavior, but at least her younger-sister is a good role-model for my little girls. That Zoey 101 show of hers on Nickelodeon is great!"

EHNT! Wrong again!

If you had a daughter, who would you rather have them look up to? Emma could be the head of the London Chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or the Coalition to Save Guns in Briton, I don't know, but before this week I would have ranked her right next to Hayden, maybe slightly above, but now she's slightly below (which is kinda unfair for one mistake, I know), with the previously mentioned skank Christina Aguilera (who's image has improved quite a bit in the last year) a very distant third because my opinion (which doesn't necessarily always reflect the opinions of Society) of Hayden and Emma are so high.

And finally, in my own defense, some of my comments in this initial post were done with tongue slightly in cheek, so I apologize if anything was misinterpreted.

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Hey, to be fair, a lot of underwear is somewhat see-through if you get the camera just right, and wearing skirts can be a pain. And oh, the number of times girls accidentally sit with their legs panned out and don't realize until an hour later what they're showing the world...