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Just as I was about to fall asleep...

Last night, somewhere between consciousness and dreamland (which was somewhere between 11:30pm and midnight), the young couple in the apartment above me decided to make their bed squeak. This went on for a good 15 minutes or so with few breaks in rhythm, which was very impressive considering the pace they were keeping. Once he was finished (signaled by a sudden increase in rhythm followed by an even quicker end), attention was drawn to continuing her pleasure for an additional 15 or so minutes. From her vocalizations, it seemed like she enjoyed the entire experience. ;)

Living in an apartment, I understand and have no problem with this happening from time to time (even when they decide to go at it again just as I'm getting dressed for work early this morning!), but the one thing that really annoys me about this incident is that I was just about to fall asleep as it started! If they had waited another ten minutes I would have slept through the whole thing, instead by the time it's all over, I'm wide-awake and just can't get myself to fall back to sleep for another two hours!!

I need to go to bed earlier. :p
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I don't mean to laugh at you not being able to sleep, but at the randy couple.

Are they newlyweds or something?LOL