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Deleted scenes from A New Hope

I'm a big fan of the missing/deleted scenes on the DVDs for the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy movies, but unfortunately the Original Trilogy DVDs are missing similar gems.

Fortunately, Lucasfilm released a CD-ROM about 10 years ago helping to promote the Special Editions that had everything you wanted to know about the Original Trilogy Star Wars Universe (before it was commonly called the Original Trilogy) and then some, including an original and expanded black & white cut of the introduction of the cantina creatures (including a shot of Han Solo with a lovely lady lounging on his lap). It also featured three deleted scenes that originally introduced Luke Skywalker to the audience. In the end, deleting them from the final cut was a good idea, imo, but to leave them off the Extras DVD was just plain wrong. Take a look and see what you think.



This clip includes the 11th most underrated female character in the Star Wars movies: Camie (If you can't name the other 10 then you're not a True Star Wars Fan :p ). That look she gives Luke at the end of the clip... now if that wasn't sparks I don't know what is! :p


Man, I wish they were able to somehow keep this scene. It makes Luke's decision to join the Rebellion toward the end of the movie more of a clear decision he has been thinking of making for a longer period of time than deciding to join on because Fate (or a princess' pretty face) has pushed him in that direction.

EDIT: Because I only just discovered that Camie is spelled with one "m", not two.
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*sad sighs* Oh Camie and Biggs. Wherefore wert thou cut from the final film?

Camie and Biggs are made of so much win. I'm really not sure what George was thinking.
Oh, My, Gosh. How freaky is it that you posted these the same day I reread my lil' Tatooine fic? Man! I just read my childhood descriptions of Biggs and Fixer and Cammie and Windy... it was so cool to get to watch these scenes! I remember reading all of them in the book, and I knew they'd been filmed, but dang. LOL

And you're right, that third one really should have been a keeper. The first one was much too abrupt and the second one too extraneous (though terrific for geeky fan posterity), but the third one had some really excellent characterization, and would have made Biggs' death so much more meaningful. He could have come visit Luke the evening of the famed double sunset with music and longing, methinks.

*idly hums Princess Leia theme*

EDIT: I'm adding this post to my memories so I can link to it when I post those scenes I spoke of in my fic. Some of my flist are not true Star Wars fans and might not realize the characters I wrote about are canon. ;-)

(I hope the #1 most underrated female character is Sabé. Or Beru) ;-)

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(I hope the #1 most underrated female character is Sabé. Or Beru) ;-)

Not to give anything away (although list are hard to make and I haven't actually sat down and thought this out clearly), but Sabé and the handmaidens are 1-10 on the Most Underrated list, with Camie being 11th. I wouldn't put Beru 12th, and I'm not sure if she should be considered an Underrated character. She definately wouldn't be an Overrated character, that's for sure.
So cool to finally get to see them. They should so be on the OT dvd:(
Thanks so much for sharing.