Not really, although they, um, went at it in the early evening a few days ago when I wasn't trying to sleep. Late last night they were relatively quick, which came as a bit of a surprise (pun intended).
I wonder if they have carpeting.

If not they should so get it. Would probably cushion the sounds.

Have you ever had to encounter them in the hallway or lobby?
How awkward...
And it gets wilder!!

At about the time you sent the above reply, they were in the middle of a hot session in their living room!! I understand rockin' the bed, but what exactly were they using in their living room? I was worried that they might fall through the ceiling!! It's only 8:30 at night, I'm trying to watch the game down here!! I was a little tempted to go upstairs and ask them to settle down or move it into another room or something. Sheesh!

I have yet to actually meet them. I think I saw them together once, but I wasn't sure they were the couple that lived above me. Good-looking couple, I must say. They usually watch X-Files every night before bed, of that I'm sure of.

Well the temperture is rising around here (we'll top 90° tomorrow), so they might fill the pool in a few weeks, so maybe I'll catch a glimpse of them out by the pool.
They really need carpeting.
Don't they realize how loud they are?

I mean if you can hear the X-Files....

Does your building have tenant meetings? Some other neighbors must hear it too?
Everyone has carpeting, so I don't think that is the problem.

No tenant meetings. The building is 4 apartments set on 3 levels with outside entries for each apartment (they're on top, I'm in the middle), so I'm not really sure if anyone else would have heard them. I know they watch X-Files because I recognize the theme-music, but their bedroom TV isn't turned up loud enough for me to understand any of the dialogue, or any conversations they might be having.
I was thinking about "Friends" and how Mr. Heckles always complained about the noise they made just by walking around.

Well, I guess if it ever gets too unbearable you can always knock on the door and tell them to "keep it down, please." ;)