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My day off = kinda annoying

First thing that sucks about today (besides the fact that it's my sister's birthday, something I've unfortunately have had to deal with for 32 years now) was that I had to get up just as early to get to my dentist (who is about 21 miles away) as a do when I get ready for work (which is about 2 miles away). The second annoying thing was the reminder that I should have floride twice a year, which I swore was only suppose to be once a year six months ago. The third annoying thing was that a small cavity was found on one of my back teeth, so I have to be there at 7:30 Wednesday morning to get it filled. I had next Friday off, too, so I asked for an appointment for that date, but they're only open one Friday a month (today), and the only other open slots for next week were in the middle of the day, so for my relative convience, I decided to take the early appointment and try to make up time at work.

I guess that's probably the only really annoying thing about today, except maybe for this weird encounter with a swarm of flies on the road to Kennewick later, or even the fact that Prince Caspian just wasn't quite what I was hoping for (I'll try to get a full review up tomorrow along with reviews of Iron Man and Speed Racer).

Oh, and it took me 5-10 minutes too long to find my electric-fan because it is currently 90° outside right now!
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That sucks about the cavity :(

Lucky you with the 90° weather. It's so cold and raining here today.

It doesn't rain a whole heck of a lot here, but it gets up into the 90s quite a bit, especially in July, so I wouldn't mind a few cool and rainy days.

On the plus side of the hot tempertures, it is a dry heat.