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A Long Time Ago...

It's hard to believe that the young man below went to Hawaii 21 years ago this June with 250 of his classmates to march in the King Kamehameha Parade, especially in that outfit!

Five miles in 90° temps and 90% humidity (with a nice breeze from off the ocean, so it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds)! When we played, I may have sounded awful (I was never really that good to begin with), but damnit, I made it without dropping out of formation once! Our drum major's final orders at the end of the parade went as follows: "Band, pass out!" And we did just that. Our band-director went around to everyone individually to congratulate us on making it. I have to admit that my proudest moment was when he came up to me and gave me a firm pat on the back. No words were needed for him to express his pride at our accomplishment. We even went home with a couple of trophies. I think, and don't hold me to this, the band got third-place out of the eight or ten bands in attendance, and our flag corps got one as well!
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Time flies and so did my hair!

I played baritone, the marching version of which is called a "marching trombone" which doesn't look anything like a trombone but more like a trumpet on steroids.
It was much easier to handle than a normal baritone at least. It really wasn't all that big, no need to put it on my shoulder or anything like for a tuba.