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Heroes and Chuck and Life premiere dates!

According to my source, the new season of Heroes will start Monday, September 22nd with a one-hour review show followed by the two-hour premiere for season three. A week later, Chuck will premiere at 8 (7 Central) followed by Heroes. Life moves to Fridays at 10 (9 Central) and will premiere on October 3rd, which kinda has me worried because the networks don't usually put shows they really believe in on Fridays.

And for those of you who care, The Office has its one-hour premiere on Thursday, September 25th at 9 (8 Central).

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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*le regret*
Apart from missing family and friends, missing these TV shows and next Harry Potter movie are my biggest regrets about going to Chile this fall. Granted, I may not be cut off entirely; Most universities have broadband, after all, and I'm coming home a mere three weeks after HP is released in theaters, but... tuning in on Monday nights was a very cherished part of my schedule last fall. ;-)