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I am soooo much more of a Harrison Ford fan right now

And it is not for something he did, but for something Mark Hamill is doing and something he didn't do.

It appears that everyone's favorite Skywalker (and if you even dare think to argue the point, I'll pop you in the nose) will be attending Celebration Japan. Why am I upset about this? Well he also attended Celebration Europe in London last year, but he DID NOT attend Celebration IV in Los Angeles last year. And he's not going to be showing up for just a day, he'll be there for the whole convention signing autographs and everything!!

I was willing to let him go with the appearance in Europe; make your appearance rare, I'll understand that. But this is like playing your team's best player only on the road and never at home: doing stuff like that is totally unfair to your core fan-base.

Mark's excuse for not making CIV was a scheduling conflict.

Scheduling conflict, my ass!

I've got a small rant about him going to C-Europe around here somewhere, let me find it and I'll post a link to it. Be right back.

Okay, so it's not much of a rant, but you know what I mean.
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