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Comic Book Quote of the Day

I was at the book store and was flipping through Invincible Iron Man #1 when I read something that went a little like this:

"Cotton and spandex. I picked them up for $9.99 at Target. L-A-M-B-O-R-G-H-I-N-I."

It makes a whole lot more sense in context (so head for your local comic book store NOW), but I'm telling you, that line should have been in the movie. ;)

Speaking of the price of gas... while the chain-stations (Shell, Exxon, etc.) have passed the $4 mark for a gallon of regular-unleaded around these parts, "El Cheapo Gas" is still just a couple of cents below it. It has been holding steady for a couple of days, but it shouldn't be long before the days of less-than-$4-a-gallon-for-gas are gone.
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There seems to be a lot of public transportation options where you live, so that's a definate plus for you.
Go El Cheapo! Man, this gas price is scary. Hopefully it's reaching the asymptote, though... we're almost level with other countries now.