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The Book Quote of the Day

From the novelization of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by James Rollins, page 218:

"You fight like all young men," she called to him. "Eager to begin, quick to finish. A true master knows the pleasure of the long game."

He glared over at her. "We're still talking about sword fighting, right?"

And on page 222:

As she turned and straightened, the top two buttons of her tunic popped open.

Mutt's attention faltered... just for a split second. His gaze dropped for the fraction of a heartbeat. He was a guy, after all.

Spalko took advantage, smashing a fist at him. He yanked his head back, but he was too slow. Her knuckles pounded into his face, splitting a cut under his eye.

Blood flowed hotly down his cheek.

Spalko smiled at his stunned expression. "First time?" she asked slyly, seductively. "Your wound, I mean."
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those are funny... but errr--- in a James Bondish kind of way... So yeah, glad they didn't add those lines to the film.

The "Eager to begin, quick to finish" line was enough to make me smirk.