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Drabble #1: Luke and the Diamond

As requested by frostbit_sky for the drabble meme.

"Luke Skywalker is brought to another universe where he falls in love with the red headed, Parisian courtesan Satine. Only he is convinced she is really his beloved wife, Mara Jade."

Luke and the Diamond

“But, my boy, you must be mistaken,” Zidler admonished. “This is Satine, the sparkling diamond of the Moulin Rouge!”

Luke ignored the man’s theatrical gestures, his eyes locked on the slim figure in the sequined dress standing before him. Lost in this strange city for days, he finally found hope. He clenched his hand, aching in the damp Parisian weather. “Mara.”

Satine stood breathless under the man’s intense gaze. She had no idea who he was or why he thought her name was Mara, but there was something attracting her to him, some force.

The Duke would not be pleased.

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