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Drabble #2: Indiana Jones and the Saucer Man from Corellia

As requested by helplessdancer for the drabble meme.

"I'm tempted to say Han Solo meets Indiana Jones. Actually. I just might say that. Go! :P"

Indiana Jones and the Saucer Man from Corellia

“Hey, old man, wake up.” Han kicked the man’s boot. “Chewie, get down here! I think this guy is dead!”

The body groaned and moved, reaching for the hat covering his face. “Ugh, what happened?” Indy said as he stood.

“Looks like we landed on your camp site,” Han admitted. “Sorry about that.”

“Landed?” Indy sighed at the sight of half a dozen tents scattered across the desert. “You have engine trouble or---.” He froze, stunned at the sight of the saucer-shaped craft.

Han nodded. “You could say that.”

Indy sighed. “Aliens, why did it have to be aliens?”

Tags: fan fiction, indy, star wars, writing

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