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NEW Clone Wars Trailer, now made with even more AWESOME

Two great, but small things I like about it:

1. That sure sounds like Ewan doing Obi-Wan's voice.

2. Padmé in her full AOTC white battle-outfit with the hood up at 1:02. I think a scene with Natalie wearing it was cut from AOTC as Padmé and Anakin were sneaking through the tunnels on Geonosis. If you've got the Art of AOTC book, check out page 144 to see the artist's rendering.
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That sounds a lot like Ewan but I hadn't heard that he was contributing his voice. The sound a like is damn good.

I wish we got to see more Padmé. What will her role be in this story, I wonder?
Lucasfilm has been surprisingly hush-hush in regards to the voices for this film. Sam Jackson is the only "confirmed" Big Name voice (I think the guy who did General Grevious' voice for ROTS is doing it for this, too), and there is a strong rumor that Christopher Lee will be voicing Dooku, so who knows? It doesn't sound like Hayden has lended his voice for this project, yet, and we have yet to hear Padmé's voice, so there is a distant chance (and by "distant" I mean waaaaay out there) that Natalie will be lending her voice as well.
Actually I heard Christopher Lee was confirmed.

I met Matthew Wood (Grevious) at a comic book expo and he talked about being in the studio to do the voice.

Yea, that don't sound like Hayden. A close enough voice, but not him.

I too doubt Natalie will do it.
The girl who did it for the other series didn't sound like her at all. :(
The girl who did it for the other series didn't sound like her at all. :(

Hey, no bad-mouthing my gal Grey DeLisle. I'd be quite satisfied if she was doing the voice if Natalie wasn't, thank you very much.

I haven't seen anything new on the Christopher Lee front, yet, but imdb.com has someone else listed for Dooku voice's at the moment, so maybe the message hasn't gotten to them yet.

Be careful around Matthew Wood at conventions. I understand that he is quite the "Player", if you know what I mean. ;)
I apologize. Actually she also voiced Ventress didn't she?
To do two different contrast voices is quite awesome.

I should find that article about Christopher Lee. I'll get the link for you :)

LOL, I know what you mean. He was quite nice and answered our questions about the series. And I thought he was cute one the whole time.
Wow. This looks awesome. I was led to believe that there was flirtatous banter between Ahsoka and Anakin and I feel let down.
There was a two minute clip floating around where they were going into battle by climbing a wall and I think the dialogue went something like this:

Anakin: Race you to the top?

Ahsoka: I'll give you a minute head start.

Or something like that. I honestly wouldn't call that flirtatous, just Jedi being Jedi.