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About the voices for The Clone Wars

Over at usatoday.com's Pop Candy, Whitney was asked a question about the voices for the upcoming Clone Wars movie, and she got an interesting answer:

I see that Samuel L. Jackson is reprising his role as Mace Windu in the upcoming Star Wars animated feature The Clone Wars. But when I went to IMDB to check out who else was going to be in the movie doing the voices, I noticed that they do not have anyone listed as Obi-Wan Kenobi. In the trailer, it sounded like Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan, but it was just a very short snippet. So I was wondering, who is voicing Obi-Wan in the movie? -- Freelin J., aka, vinyl45rpm in Asheville, N.C.

You know, I didn't think there would be much too this answer when I approached Lucasfilm, but then I received this cryptic response: "At this exact moment, we're keeping the voice cast under wraps ... but we should have more detail very soon." Aghh! You've conjured some mystery, Freelin. Stay tuned.
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It's kinda hard to believe that he keeps up with what's going on and only found out about the movie through Sam Jackson, who's voice is in the film. I don't know if he's confused or just playing coy (which would make alot of people rethink his acting skills if he is), but I guess we'll have to wait a couple more months before finding out.
Well I did read in an interview somewhere that he said anytime they make a new figure of his character they send him one.

(which would make alot of people rethink his acting skills if he is)
Take that suckers! :P

I do hope they all came back to do the voices. :D
If you guys go to the official Star Wars website it should bring you to the new page for The Clone Wars and you can hear Obi Wan and Anakin talking to each other about the mission. The voice of Obi Wan is definitely James Arnold Taylor from the original Clone Wars series and I guess Anakin is Matt Lanter. However, if you listen to the new Clone Wars trailer when Obi Wan says "Anakin, we are vastly outnumbered", it does not sound like James Arnold Taylor at all and really like Ewan. My point is, the voice actors recorded their dialogue a while ago and only recently did Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee record theirs. So, in the trailers and previews and what not, Lucasfilm is using the original voice actors to keep us from knowing just yet about Hayden and Ewan! Who knows, I might be wrong, but perhaps not...
Yeah, I covered that a little in my entry about the new CW trailer. In this case, I was pointing out that someone besides theforce.net is looking into the voice-acting status for the movie.