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Get Smart review

Get Smart

When KAOS is at large, CONTROL is your answer, Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) is your girl and Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is your man.

I'm not usually a fan of Carell's work, but I did like the old television series starring Don Adams as Smart, and Carell's humor fits perfectly in the role. The supporting cast, led by Hathaway, The Rock as Agent 23, Alan Arkin as The Chief, and Terence Stamp as the bad guy (who has my favorite line in the movie) are fantastic. Although it may be a tad long and the plot is slightly confusing, Get Smart is very well written, dealing out a ton of funny lines to every member of the cast instead of giving all the good lines to Carell. Look for Masi Oka, James Caan, Bill Murray, Kevin Nealon, and even Patrick Warburton for some good laughs.

Get Smart gets a B+, missing an A by that much.

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