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Name That Brunette Quiz of the Day

Who said blondes have more fun??

It's everyone's favorite indestructable cheerleader, Hayden Panittiere on the set of Heroes. Serious plot-bunnies are hopping, let me tell you. Dark!Leia, perhaps? The spawn of Han Solo and Mara Jade, maybe? That said, she might make a perfect Jaina Solo.
What funny about the guessing game is the the answer is in the tags LOL

LOL Why Han and Mara's spawn?
Yeah, I kinda slipped on the tags portion of the post.

Why Han and Mara? Well, I don't know really. I guess I pictured the out fit and thought of our icons and figured she looked a lot like Mara with a gun, which was her weapon of choice post-ROTJ pre-Thrawn Trilogy. If Han had dumped Leia after Endor (or Yavin, for that matter) and hooked-up with Mara, who knows what would have come of it?

Those evil plot-bunnies can be so mean at times. :p
LOL I am just trying to imagine those 2 personalities as a couple.
I like them better as in-laws.

Yea her Heroes outfit is very Mara.