Donald Trump is an Ass!

I know the above statement isn't really news to anyone, so let's just say that he is now more of an ass than he typically is. Why have I come to this conclusion, you ask? Well apparently Mr. Trump's definition of "loyalty" is a bit different than Anne Hathaway's, who recently dumped long-time boyfriend, Trump Tower resident, and apparent properties-investment con man, Raffaello Follieri. Follieri was arrested last month by federal agents on multiple counts of financial fraud, in part by telling clients that he was selling Vatican owned properties in the US!

"His purported scam involved raising money to buy properties being sold by the Roman Catholic Church in the US and redeveloping them for handsome profits. He was able to attract serious investors because of his claim that he had an inside track with the Vatican in Rome that would give him first refusal on the properties and the chance to buy them at steeply discounted prices. He would eventually come to describe himself as the Vatican's chief financial officer, with the ear of Pope Benedict XVI himself." Source: The Independent

Now, I haven't read my Ten Commandments in a long time, but claiming that you're The Pope's CFO has got to be somewhere on those tablet's, don't you think? Seriously, how many of you ladies wouldn't dump a guy who was doing something like that?

“She hasn’t remained very loyal to him, has she?” Trump told “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush. “So when he had plenty of money, she liked him, but then after that, not as good, right?” Source: MSNBC

Yeah, Don, I'm sure life sucks for her, what with a string of roles in successful movies like Get Smart, Brokeback Mountain, and The Princess Diaries films, how can she afford her lifestyle? I'm guessing that she isn't spending all her money (or even Follieri's, for that matter), on booze, drugs, etc., like the "model/actresses" you are more familiar with.

This is just more evidence that Trump can't recognize a golddigger when he sees one.

Maybe his hair gets in the way.
Further proof that Trump is a frakking asshole.

*shakes head*

He makes me so angry my blood pressure raises.
Not that I'd usually agree with either one of them, but I thought Rosie O'Donnell's shot at him for allowing Miss America (or whichever pageant winner it was who went to rehab) to keep her crown was good, however I thought Donald calling her a loud-mouth was pretty spot on, too. :p
They were both so annoying and big babies.

Though, I wouldn't have given Miss USA (I think she was) a second chance.