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"C'mon! Hit me!" The Batman Fan Fiction Challenge

Tuesday I bought Batman: Gotham Knight on DVD (which is basically like The Animatrix, but with a Batman theme), and it was awesome! So much so that it has gotten me into the mood for some Batman fan-fic. I've also been playing the Batman Begins soundtrack alot recently (special thanks to the person, if they are reading this, who got it for me a few Christmases ago) and that's inspiring me, too. And while I have my own idea for a story, I'd be much more motivated if I was challenged by someone else with a Batman-related story idea.

So that's the basic premise for the challenge, dear reader: I'm asking you to challenge me with an idea for a Batman-related story. The more details/limits/specifics to your challenge the better. Let me have it!

Heck, I'll even try to have it done before the new movie comes out next Friday!