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Droideka Captured!

Theed resident knight_ander stands next to a Trade Federation droideka that was captured during the war against the Trade Federation during Queen Amidala's first term in office. This particular destroyer-droid is on display at Theed's Museum of Naboo History. Its motivator and power-cell have been dismantled for safety.

Actually, that's me next to a display at the Star Wars: When Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the St. Paul Science Museum that I went to while vacationing in Minnesota last month. The displays have a number of items that anyone who has been to a Star Wars Celebration has already seen, but with a few additional elements that focus on the technology and how it relates to robots, transportation, prosthetics and stuff in the real world.

And yes, that shirt is the closest thing I'll ever get to wearing a handmaiden flame-gown. ;)
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Cool picture!
A real droideka!
I didn't even think of the shirt like that till you said so, hehe.

You duped me for a second with the first description ;)

How was your trip?
Quite relaxing, thanks. I was visiting family and spent a lot of time with my parents, so in a way I was happy when the vacation ended, too. :p