Michael Bay may not be all that bad of a guy after all

Michael Bay and I haven't always gotten along. When Scarlett Johansson wanted to take her bra off during a love-scene with Ewan Mcgregor in The Island, he nixed the idea despite me being all for it. He still hasn't called me back to apologize for being wrong.

Now he thinks Megan Fox needs to gain ten pounds to be in the sequel to last summer's blockbuster, Transformers. Yes, G-A-I-N, gain weight is what he said. Sure she'll just be going from a size 1 to a size 2 but at least he's not calling her fat. "[Michael Bay] doesn't like skinny girls," she says. Megan, there's skinny and then there's anorexic. Take a look at what happened to Keira Knightley and all the anorexia rumors after principle production wrapped on the last two Pirates movies. If Bay is going to put you through the action-wringer like Gore Verbinski did to Keira, your life may be on the line, so have a sandwich or two or three on me. I'll even buy you some ice cream.

Of course I'll have to watch her eat the ice cream, just to be sure she consumes every calorie.
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He still hasn't called me back to apologize for being wrong.

LOL. How rude!

Wow, they never ask them to gain. She looks fine and healthy to me. And she's wearing a SW t-shirt :D
i agree with him...she can definitely afford to gain some weight. i've always thought she was too skinny. love the shirt though.