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An Avatar Related Poll Regarding Katara's Hair

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Have any of you ladies tried to style your hair like Katara's?

I haven't thought about it
I've styled someone else's hair to look like Katara's
My hair can't do that!
I wish my hair could do that!
I'm trying right now!
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I'm not as fan-girlishguyish over it as most of my f-list, but I like it, it intrigues me, so I'm going to keep watching.

I can also see where Clone Wars director Dave Filoni got the idea for the wall-climbing scene for the upcoming movie. I thought I saw one or two scenes in the Avatar episodes that he directed where something like that took place.
Per imdb.com:

The Boy in the Iceberg (21 February 2005) - Director
The Avatar Returns (21 February 2005) - Director
Imprisoned (25 March 2005) - Director
Jet (6 May 2005) - Director
The Blue Spirit (17 June 2005) - Director
The Fortuneteller (23 September 2005) - Director
The Northern Air Temple (4 November 2005) - Director
The Serpent's Pass (15 September 2006) - Writer

It looks like he directed 7 episodes for Season One and wrote an episode for Season Two.
I think that list is a little incomplete because I could swear I saw his name on one of the last two episodes of Book 1, too. The Blue Spirit episode was pretty cool.

You're right about Book two. I'm only 5 episodes in and I'm really liking it. Can't list the details of all that I like so far, but who knew Appa had so much personality?
Yeah, I'm through "The Library" (2.10) and Toph is definately full of awesome.

I think my favorite characters are Sokka (who has a great line about vacation time in The Library) and Uncle Iroh (who's just great!).
"You gotta work here a little bit longer before you get vacation time."

I don't use acronyms like ROTFLMAO much, but that line truely had me ROTFLMAO. :)
I was gonna say I wish I could style my hair like Mai's, but I guess you haven't met her yet. ;)

But yeah, I don't think there's any way my hair would do that...