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Avatar: I'm through Book Two

Or, "The Post where Avatar and Grey Delisle get their own Tags."

I'll have to admit, Book Two really rocked (ha, ha, "rocked" get it? Because it was the Earth season and rocks are made of earth. Ha. [/Bad Sokka Imitation]

It's kinda hard for me to collect my thoughts on the show so far, but I really like it. Somebody warned me that Grey Delisle (who has done Padmé's voice through all of the video game and cartoon reditions of her, as well as Shaak Ti) was the voice of Azula, and darn it if that girl isn't a real bitch! Seriously, is there any reason to like that power hungry, lying Fire-princess? Although I did like her "What, are you the Avatar's fan-girls?" line when she ran into Suki and her gang.

Emma's right about Toph being a great addition to the team. When she kissed Suki thinking she was Sakka in "Serpent's Pass" was hysterical. "You can let me drown now." There's a bunch of other stuff that I can't think of right now, but you get the picture.

I've also noticed something odd about Sakka. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "Some thing? As in 'there is only one thing odd about Sakka?'" Well, yeah, there are several things odd about Sakka (the guy with the matching belt and bag in "The Blind Bandit"), but stick with me on this one. Maybe it's just an odd theory, but it seems that Sakka my have the Elizabeth-Swann-Kiss-of-Death gene. I mean, with Princess Yue dead and Suki's fate kinda up in the air (cause I'm sure everyone was thinking Azula killed her), every girl Sakka has kissed has died, the same sort of thing that happened to every man Elizabeth kissed. I could be proven wrong as soon as I see the first episodes of Book 3, but that's just my theory for now.

I'm going to try to wait until The Complete Book 3 Collection comes out on DVD in September before watching any of those episodes (my attempt at trying to bond with those of you who have been with the show from the beginning and have had to wait all the days, weeks, months, and years for the show to come to its thrilling conclusion), but the only thing I want to know is if Mako lived long enough to do Uncle Iroh's voice for that season, and if he didn't, how was his replacement? I teared-up at the end of his part in "Tales of Ba Sing Se."

Okay, here's the strange thing about watching that show, but I keep spotting people's icons. When Zuko declared, "Let's make some tea for these people" I went, "Hey, doesn't emmaorgana have an icon with that shot?" There'd be another, and I'd go, "I think jedishampoo [who actually doesn't have any Avatar icons] or somebody has that icon."

Good times.
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Welcome to the Avatar fandom! Gosh, I really envy you discovering the show for the very first time. If you ever decide to break your wait for the Season 3 DVD, I know some great places where you can watch the episodes until then.
So you're basically saying Azula = Dark Padmé? Far out! That is so cool.

Cool theory about Sokka and the Kiss of Death. You could even add his own mother to the death count.

Mako died before the Season 3 episodes were shot. :-(

So far which's been your favourite character, favourite episode, fight scene, dramatic moment...? I promise you a spoiler free discussion.
So far which's been your favourite character, favourite episode, fight scene, dramatic moment...?

Hmm... it's going to take me awhile to figure those out, but I'll get back to you on that as soon as I do.

I'm so glad you've gotten into this show. :D It's nice to have more Star Wars people on the f-list who also like Avatar.

Sokka definitely has a kiss of death thing going for a while. :D Poor guy. And yeah, Toph is just generally awesome in all ways.

I'm actually really fond of Azula. LOL. But I can't tell you most of my reasons, because they would spoil you for season 3. As far as season 2 goes, though, I love her cool-headedness and her absolute certainty in her own strength. And you have to admit she makes a great villain.