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Various comments and info:

- I now own a Playstation 3. Lego Indy and Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds are my only two PS3 games so far, although I do have a number of PS1 games I can use.

- I finally saw it last night, so you may now commence squeeling over the Dr. Who finale without hiding spoilers for my benefit. Can an ending be happy and sad at the same time?

- I know you're probably expecting a big Dark Knight review, but much like Avatar, it's hard to get my head wrapped around it to be coherent. Either that or I'm being ultra-lazy. Guess I'll just cover some highlights: opening bank robbery, return of the Scarecrow, magic-pencil trick, Gordon, dropping mobsters from non-deadly heights, the Russian ballet, "just like a submarine, Mr. Wayne," nurse-Joker, Gordon, Bruce blamming everything on Alfred, composers Zimmer and Howard taking celloes to dark places where even Wagner would fear to tread, and of course Gordon's final speech. Sure, a nearly unrecognizable Heath Ledger is going get all the (well-deserved) Oscar talk, but this movie isn't Full Of Win without Gary Oldman's performance as Lieutenant/Commissioner James Gordon. It gets an overall grade of A.

- I think Emma once said something about some hockey player coming out of retirement in the middle of the season, and how upset she was at that player for considering it, or something like that. Well, I feel pretty much the same about Brett "Friggin'" Favre. Somebody make a decision already!!

- I've been perusing the latest Clone Wars reading-merchandise, and I'm starting to get pretty excited about it. I mean, it's not the typical New-Star-Wars-Movie excited, but there is some excitement.

- Oh, and since it seems to have become a new tradition around here, would anyone like a gift of fan fiction for my birthday?
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