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Free Corn?

Someone (we're thinking one of the weekend girls, but we're not sure) left everyone in our office bags of about six or so ears of sweet corn for us to find at our desks this morning.

Does anyone else think that's a tad... odd? And sweet corn is expensive, from what I hear, and a half a dozen ears each for 18 people would come out to be a big chunk of change.

Now I'm not one to pass up free food, but when you're bringing in farm-fresh vegtables, give everyone a chance to pick their own, don't just presume that everybody is going to want some.

Another strange thing about this was when my folks called this weekend they asked if there was a farmer's market nearby where I could get some corn (there is), and I thought that was a pretty good idea and that I might check it out on Saturday.

So I guess this is a bit of a blessing in disguise. Weird, but still a blessing.
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Want to hear something even FREAKIER?

I had corn on the cob with my dinner tonight. LOL