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Poll: Actress = Great Director???

Poll #1241450 Which Actress Do You Think Would Make A Great Director?

Which Actress do you Think Would Make a Great Director?

Meryl Streep
Courtney Cox
Jennifer Aniston
Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman
Keira Knightley
Dakota Fanning

I stole this from USAToday.com's Life section. The choices just blew my mind, so I had to share. I have yet to find the related article.
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agreed, i also voted for meryl. my second choice would have been nicole but i just can't see it, or really any of the others. interesting poll though. =-)
I said Nicole but it was pretty much between her and Meryl. (Interestingly enough, I just finished reading The Hours and the movie had both of them in it.)
I looked at this list, and all I could think of was that song (from Sesame Street?) "One of these things is not like the others." Not dismissing the talent of the other actresses, but it's odd to see so many of them on the same list as Meryl Streep.