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Flash Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

One critic wrote that this would only attract the devote and those under the age of 10. Well as a devoted Star Wars fan, it's easy for me to regress to being 10 years old, and my inner 10 year old was very happy with what he saw.

There is no question that Clone Wars has a far different look (and sound) than the live-action movies, and if you're willing to accept that change, then you'll enjoy this movie. It's got a lot of action, a fairly simple plot, great banter reminiscent of the Original Trilogy, and a look like no other animated feature you've ever seen before! It even has Truman Capote in Hutt form!

Although I don't think it will win the weekend box office, I was quite happy with what I saw and will definately see it several more times. B+.

Oh, and is it me, or did Obi-Wan call Ventress "Darling"???
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Nice review! :)
Oh my gosh, when Zero the Hutt started talking, I thought Truman Capote too!

I was somewhat wary going into this film. I adored the Clone Wars cartoons, but I was worried that the film wouldn't capture the Star Wars magic and would further contradict established canon. Plus, no John Williams score.

I enjoyed it. I was really impressed with my Obi-Wan. Loved his snarky one-liners and he is still amazing during and battle. And Obi-Wan did call Ventress "Darling".

Agreed on the simple plot once things got going. I liked how they got away from the Separatist/Hyperspace Lanes talk and focused on these are the good guys, these are the bad guys, this is the problem, and this is what we need to do about it.

Loved the banter & nicknames between Anakin and Asoka, and while Padmé wasn't in the film as much as I hoped, I did like what role she played. (Of course, it would have been nice to have seen a handmaiden or two!) I missed the last ten minutes because all three of my Godchildren had to use the restroom (not at the same time, but one, then the second, then the other), but luckily I'm seeing the film again tomorrow.
Re: Nice review! :)
There was a moment there when I thought we'd see handmaidens, but no luck. Maybe next time.

The banter between the Jedi was great, and Obi-Wan's "surrender" negotiations with the Trade Federation general was pretty amusing. There's a track on the soundtrack called "Obi-Wan to the Rescue" that has a lot of electric guitar in it, and there's no question that Obi-Wan definately rocked in this movie.
Re: Nice review! :)
"There's no question that Obi-Wan definately rocked in this movie."

Obi-Wan always rocks! :)
Re: Nice review! :)
Oh, and did you catch the circular mark in the middle of Obi-Wan's forehead, emulating Ewan's mole? It's a little faint, but for awhile there it was hard not to see it.
yay, another good review. I am more optimistic now.
I am going Sunday.

Oh, and is it me, or did Obi-Wan call Ventress "Darling"???

DID he really! Oh they are so into each other! <3
haha. He *did* call her Darling... And at some point I remember her skirt flying off! :-o

Hmm... I don't know. I thought it was alright... That it was fun. But I still feel like a Star Wars movie in theaters should be an "event" and this was not... I just think it should've aired on TV as a special 1 and 1/2 hr lead up to the series, not as a theatrical release.
And at some point I remember her skirt flying off! :-o

How could I forget that?!? That was the point where I thought they were drifting into PG-13 territory. :p