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Wow, I didn't see that one coming!

They killed off Stark!! I'm a Jack/Allison shipper, but I can't believe they up and killed Stark!!!

And so early in the season!!!!

Those writers are sure going to have some explaining to do at Eureka Unscripted. (link to the left).
Oooh! Yeah! Eureka! *dashes off to find a streaming link*

The legal one doesn't work down here. Pah. LOL

EDIT: Gah!!! I accidentally read your post when I hit my comment! What the heck!?

(not blaming you, btw, I totally meant to ignore the post itself and just Eureka squee, and I got distracted and glanced at the wrong place at the wrong time. And that kind of spoiler tends to sort of jump off the page)

I reiterate: What the heck!? Not only is that a waste of a great character, but it won't make Jack's eventually winning of Alison as hard-won. Geez, people.

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Next time something like this happens, I write "Faith, don't read!!" for the cut's text line. :p

Despite the ending, it is a pretty good episode overall.
Yeah, that's what Mel said (about the quality of the ep). I'm downloading it now, actually. Probably won't be able to watch until tomorrow after class, but that's okay too.

Hey, no worries. You put it behind a cut as is absolutely proper. It's my own stupid fault. LOL