The 2008 Summer Games

I didn't see many medal ceremonies, but I did see the Rowing: Women's Eight ceremony, and it was one of the few where almost the whole team sang the national anthem (video here).

I stayed up and watched the Redeem Team win the Men's Basketball gold over Spain, and it looked like Kobe Bryant was the only one to sing-a-long with the anthem. Now, I respect his talent, but up until then I didn't quite respect him much as a person, but I respect him a little bit more now. Only the players get medals, so it was very cool of the team to go over to their coach and have him wear their medals for a team photo afterwards. These guys are multi-millionaires, some with multiply NBA championships, but the dedication they showed in winning this gold medal was pretty impressive, I thought.

And how about Lisa Leslie winning her fourth gold with Team USA in Women's Basketball? She brought the previous three with her and wore all four of them during the medal ceremony.

And have any of you watched the boxing? It's more like a glamorized game of tag than boxing. Boxing is known as "The Sweet Science" and I found no science in the few matches I saw. There were even a few mixed-martial arts moves, too. They went to a scoring system to avoid judging "errors" after a bribery attempt during the '88 Seoul Games (seriously, the TV crew caught a guy with two bars of gold the size of iPods trying to bribe a judge during the fight!), but even then, 3 of 5 judges have to decide whether a hit was made within one second of each other touching a keypad to mark the score, for the hit to count, and there were times that it seemed like those pads weren't working, especially when a Chinese fighter was in the ring. Surprise! China wins two golds!

However, Team USA did pretty darn good, overall, getting their highest medal count ever in a Games that didn't take place in the US. From big, surprising wins in fencing to start the competition, to the Michael Phelps excitement (seriously, if his name was a drinking game, you'd be drunk 15 minutes into the first hour of the Today Show), to the accomplishments of the girls women of the women's gymnastics team, to the surprising medal in Women's Discus, to the Redeem Team's victory, and to my girls Misty May and Karri Walsh defending the Women's Beach Volleyball gold, it was quite a performance by our side.

The Beijing Chamber of Commerce NBC put on a really impressive broadcast across all their networks. I was even able to watch a few things on Telemundo despite knowing only a handful of words of Spanish. :p I'm pretty sure they won't be as impressive as the Opening Ceremonies, but I can't wait to see what happens during the Closing Ceremonies.

See you in Vancouver for the Winter Games in 2010, then in London for the Summer Games in 2012.
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