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The Wrong Light & The Closing Ceremonies

This morning, on my way to work, a warning light popped up on my dashboard. Now I've been pretty lucky for having a one year-old car and never having seen a warning light, so this kinda worried me. I flipped through the manual when I got to the parking lot at work and thought the light was for something with the brakes. After work, I raced to the dealership (which probably isn't the most clever thing to do when there is the possibility that there is something wrong with your brakes) to see if they could do something about it before they closed. Luckily the guy at the service desk was able to point out that it wasn't a warning light for the brakes, but for the tire-pressure, and even if the pressure is off in any of the tires by a small amount (including the spare!), that warning light will come on. In the end, things weren't as bad as I had feared, but I'll go in Saturday afternoon and have their folks work on it, which really shouldn't take too long.

Anybody watch the Closing Ceremonies Sunday night? Not as impressive as the opening ceremonies, but good none-the-less. I was struck by an odd thought as the happy-go-lucky athletes entered the stadium en masse. Is the Olympic Village where most of the athletes stay really the den of condom-usage it has been rumored to be during the closing days of the Games?

Now, no offense to London, but did anyone else think that London's mayor really looked out of place when he accepted the Olympic flag from the head of the IOC and Beijing's mayor. Suit unbuttoned, hair all ruffled, and let me tell you something, his smile did nothing to alleviate the stereotype regarding British dentistry. He looked more like he should have been the mayor of some place like... Cleveland, not the mayor of one of the World's Capital Cities. :p I thought they said that he was newly elected, so it was too bad that they didn't send his predecessor, who worked so hard to get the games to London, in his place as a special representative, or something like that.

The segment with the double-decker bus was pretty good. It was nice to hear Leona Lewis sing something else besides that song that gets played over, and over, and over on the radio. And Jimmy Page looked like he was having a good time rockin' out aboard that bus. The only really disappointing performance was from David Beckam, who looked rather stiff up there.
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